Loa thùng STK SP-152H

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Loa thùng STK SP-152H

Loa thùng STK SP-152H - loa được thiết kế có đường kính lớn (40cm), loa 2 kênh treble và bass, giá đỡ loa đa dạng đáp ứng mọi nhu cầu, có bộ phân tần số và mạch bảo vệ bên trong.

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The SP152H is full-range two-way trapezoidal enclouser with 15” SK-15500F transducer vented.
The SP152H provides the highest single system SPL and broadest bandwidth. It’s 2-way full-range design is more than suitable for any foreground sound reinforcement installation

  • 2-Way full-range system.
  • The one 2” SK60D exit compression drivers on a “SABS2” horn.
  • Ultra tough, the scratch proof warnex texture coated.
  • Impact-resistant perforated Metal grill with weather proof powder coated.
  • 35mm pole mount receptacle on the bottom.
  • With or without flying hanware options for eyebolt joint.


System configuration 2-Way Full Range
LF system & Loading One SK 15500 15" woofer, Vented
HF system & Loading One 2 "Voice coil compression driver
Operating Mode Passive
Enclosure Material Plywood with MDF
Enclosure Finish Black warnex texture coated
Connectors Two neutrick speakon
Grille Powder coated perforated steel
Optional accessories STK Eye Bolt "SEB 08"
( ±0.13 inch / ±3 mm)
Height: 690
Front width: 445
Rear width: 295
Depth: 495
Trapezoid angle(degrees) 18
Shipping/CBM 0.1997
Net weight 18 kg
Shipping weight 20.4 kg
Frequency Response  
±3 dB 55Hz ~ 19kHz
-10 dB 43Hz ~ 20kHz
Recommended 50Hz
High-Pass Frequency  
Axial Sensitivity(dB SPL, 1 watt @ 1m) Full Range Passive 101
Nominal Input Impedance(ohms) Full Range Passive: 8
LF: 8
HF: 8
Power Handling, Watts  
(Continuous/Program/Peak) Full Range Passive: 400/800/1600
(Continuous) LF: 400
(Continuous) HF: 60
Max Calculated SPL (Referenced to 1 m)  
Full Range Passive Peak 133
Full Range Long Term 127
Norminal disperson(degrees @ -6dB)  
Horizontal 90
Vertical 40

Xuất xứ: Hàn Quốc

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